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Winskill / TTown Disc Golf Club

Our goal is to develop to awareness of the Disc Golf Sport. We welcome all skills levels, ages, color or creed. Come down to the park on any Sunday and you will always find a cheerful golfer to show you the ropes or guide you through the course. We are always looking for new members to help expand our clubs presence in the community.


Show Your Support for Green Space and Parks

Tsawwassen is growing fast and so is the demand on green space and parks. Currently under way is the development of the Winskill Park Master Plan. If you love parks and green space then get involved. A park master plan should include preserving green space and involve the community.

The time is now to get involved and be a voice. For more info click here to Delta’s master pan process.

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  1. Ttown is looking forward to the good weather coming up,we will see more fair weather golfers out.come on out!

  2. Scores are up for the TTOWN CLASSIC TOURNAMENT!

    Thanks for everyone who showed up!

  3. Thanks Burb’s

  4. Geoff, this website has been immensely helpful. You are the Man!

  5. love the slap chop Geoff ! nice work.
    still have discs for sale ? black stamp TTown ?
    if yes, what weights ?

    • Mark,

      Yes we have white Star Wraiths in weights of 168-175, these are $15.
      We have white / beige DX Aviars in weights from 168 -175 these are $10.

      Stock varies as we have sold quite a few.
      Let me know what you want and I will talk to our “disc guy” Kris.

      The putters are on the floppy/ soft side and are very gummy.
      The Star Wraiths are quite stable but beat up nice and slowly!


      • Sweet Buddy !
        would like a 172-175 Wraith
        and a 175 Aviar
        …..would love both in black stamp (white T) if possible ?

        the wraith is my go-to driver (pro katana 2nd)……what are you throwin these days ?
        thanks Geoff

        • All discs are black stamped.

          Driver are White
          Putters are off white

          I will put the order in with Kris and see what we can arrange for you.

          I am throwing wraiths and destroyers mainly.
          I use a boss as a firebird cause i am a little guy!

  6. HAHA whats up douce… where ya been man

    • Been in Montreal for 5 years !
      Wicked city, and disc golf has only resurfaced the last 2-5 years here….just got their first permanent course !
      Whats happenin with the T-town boys ?

      You guys have any shirts for sale so I can properly represent ??
      Hook a brother up !

  7. We need an update,, Post some scores or talk about your mom…do somethin :)

  8. Burbee I did not your email for the poster?

  9. New rounds up people!
    If your new to the park this is for!

  10. Thoes thing are always stick to my head..Fughk

  11. Baby BrownTown! Funny…..

  12. Baby BrownTown….Semteck….Stuck……your DEAD!!!!!

  13. Nev,
    Ok great!
    If you can… provide any appropriate bio stuff.
    Thought I should leave that up to you guys since you guys knew him best.
    Then I will make a permanent page for dear buddy…


  14. Hey Geoff, Were also looking to get a couple pics, I’ll keep you posted

  15. Hello Neville,

    If you any any pictures and and text about Rob, I would be more than happy to make a in memory page of Rob.

  16. Thanks TT for joining us to celebrate Rob with a Keiths on Sunday, it meant a great deal to his family and all of us Mundy parkers.

  17. Why what did they say..

  18. Stop having boring tuna!
    Stop having a boring life!

  19. Are you guys for real